No Offence

In June of 2015, I was asked to capture images of the 'No Offence' community event run by the wonderful people at the Mental Health Commission of NSW.  A first of its kind, the Commission presented a night of comedy and conversation about language and mental health.

Hosted by the hilarious Nelly Thomas and featuring Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham, No Offence entertained, inspired and challenged with surprising and candid accounts of the power of everyday language in mental health and stigma.

Lynne Malcolm, host of ABC RN All in the Mind, hosted a panel of luminaries from media and the arts featuring Chris Taylor (The Chaser), Bjorn Stewart (Black Comedy) and NSW Deputy Mental Health Commissioner Fay Jackson discussing the portrayal of mental illness.

Also appearing were acclaimed songstress Amy Vee and comedians from the 2014 WISE Stand Up for Mental Health comedy gala.