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2018 - What a Year!!

2018 has come to a close and what a year it was. With huge events, incredible festivals, amazing overseas trips, some fun parties, gorgeous weddings, live concerts and some epic landscapes, it was one of Klick’s busiest years ever.

Some highlights from the year have to include photographing the Maldives and the bamboo forests and cherry blossoms in Japan. Then there were the incredible dance festivals including Sydney Latin Festival, the Latin Dance Australia Ball, Ay Pachanga, the Sydney International Afro-Kizomba Festival, the Salsa Palladium Mambo Convention and the Latin Motion Annual Concert.

We also did a two-week trip to New Zealand’s South Island in what could really only be described as epic and unforgettable. Not only is NZ a beautiful country where you have to stop the car every 10 minutes for ‘yet another scenic vista’, we also met some wonderful locals who contributed to the incredible memories we experienced there.

But all of the thousands of awesome landscapes and wonderful event images aside, one of my favourite shots from 2018 was actually taken at my very last event of the year on December 29th at a fun get-together near the Blue Mountains in Sydney’s West. Jan and Becky and their gorgeous daughter Johanna smiled for the camera for an impromptu shot and it’s wonderful that this particular moment can live on through this image.

So now it’s onward to 2019 and there are already several events, parties, weddings, and overseas trips booked in the calendar for the coming year. Of course we’ll be adding some more landscape images to our portfolio as we just love getting up at 4am to go for hikes in the dark in readiness for another incredible sunrise ;-)

Becky Jan Johanna-1.jpg