All about Klick Photography

Hi I'm Brian....! 

I often get asked what subject matter I enjoy shooting most and my answer is almost always the same. I have always found people quite fascinating.  

Of course that doesn't mean you won't find me with a camera around my neck taking shots of incredible architecture or scenic vistas but sooner or later I'm back capturing an expression or a 'happy couple' or a dancer.

Not everyone feels entirely comfortable about having their photo taken and that’s why I always go to great lengths to ensure that the experience is easy and enjoyable. I’ll be regularly showing you the screen on the back of the camera and talking to you throughout the whole session to make sure the images we create together are natural and fun.

I have had my work used everywhere from weddings, individuals, couples, events, corporate and government, fashion shoots, festivals and promotional material to flyers, web sites, company brochures, banners and the newspapers come knocking on the door every now and then….  If you like, check out the "What They Said" link up above in the menu - they are all real - honest :)

Interestingly, I often find I get the best results if I come to you. Some of the best images I can remember were actually shot on the kitchen floor – wherever people are most comfortable, that’s where we’ll go.  Whether it’s the park, the beach or the family room!

A quick note to end with - we go to great lengths to make sure we are ready to capture the right image at the right time. Whether it's a first kiss or a dancer in the midst of an incredible choreography, our aim is to anticipate, prepare, plan ahead and to do it properly because more often than not, there is no second chance.

You can contact me by clicking the Contact button and please feel free to browse through some albums up in the menu bar, grab a coffee, relax and enjoy!